tea without adding milk ,what it is called in english?!

Question: Tea without adding milk ,what it is called in english?
it looks black , and is really good , what you call it ,
tell me names excluding BLACK TEA,, avoid my grammatical and spelling mistakes ,,i am not very good in english


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I'd say all of the answers above are accurate, I would just call it "tea". :) For some reason, the word "oolong" comes to mind... I don't remember what it means, exactly, but I know that's what they say, "black oolong tea", I could be wrong...

Sounds like instant tea, if its a powder

Look on the ingredients label and see if it says.
Or even the name of the product w/b helpful
Earl Gray Tea maybe. There's soo many teas to choose from.
Most people dont add milk to tea, so that no real help.

tea without milk is called tea


Tea - though some call it black tea - like milkless coffee is black coffee

Some people just call it tea

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