Dented Pineapple juice can?!

Question: Dented Pineapple juice can?
i bought a can of pinapple juice form Tedeschis last night, and today when i was opening it, there was a small dent near the top. There was no bulging in teh can. The top i didnt notice moving up or down, when i open it with the can opener(one that pokes the triangle holes) the top lid stayed still, but i heard alot of air come out and an air buuble came to the top. Is this ok to drink, i was dying for some pineaple juice, no pun intended.
I know most can foods are bad, but what are some other ways to tell?? like can u tell by just looking at teh food and is it the same for drinks???


Most likely if you got air out of it, it is ok. If no air came out I'd be worried but you should never buy a dented can in the future because it is possibly tainted. And if you do notice it when you get home bring it back and they will exchange it!

Throw it out.. you could get botulism, which can be fatal

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