Can you make Horlicks with milk instead of water?!

Question: Can you make Horlicks with milk instead of water?
What i mean is, the jars that have "Just add hot water" on them, can you add hot milk instead, or are these especially designed to be made this way and won't taste the same, it's just i prefer a hot milky drink than a hot watery one lol.


You can! Hot Chocolate has the same message on the jars (just add water) but I add milk because I hate having watery Hot Chocolate! Plus it tastes better and richer. So go ahead and add milk.

YES. Well at least part milk which is what we do. About half milk is lovely. We mix the Horlicks in cold milk, top up with hot water then heat to best temperature in the microwave. Not as fiddly as it sounds, and lovely creamy drink.

I usually make mine with just a splash of milk but have used 100% milk and a 50/50 milk water mix before. I find it very sweet however I make it. Experiment and see how you prefer it !

lol you want to make what licks? oh wait o.k i see lol i thought you had a "w" before the h in horlicks. but i'm sure you can it will just be creamy.

Sure. Just cus it says water you dont have to!
I prefer water but, milk is probs better for you anyway because it will help you sleep and you get the calcium at the same time!! Enjoy your horlicks! :)

Well you can but it won't taste that good

Yes you can.

Yup, its just extra creamy!!


Meee ?



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