is it true that if alls you have for drink is water than you loose more weight?!

Question: Is it true that if alls you have for drink is water than you loose more weight?

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True, but water tastes so bland

yeah if you team that with a healthy balanced diet, cut back on sugar and fats but not completely as you need them, but water has no calories in it which is healthier than squash or fizzy drinks that have lots of sugar and added colourings and preservatives.

water is the basis of what all metabolic reactions need to occur, slight dehydration of about 3% can lead to a dramatic decrease in the rate of your metabolism so if you drink coke or fizzy drinks then this doesn't necessarily help rehydrate you as the solutes in the drink detract from the water potential in your body, so basically drinking water helps to keep your metabolism stable and help you to lose weight that way :)

my brain :) A level PE and biology student

tea and soups help even better.
drink hot tea without the sugar and it will help you to feel full earlier .

diet group

Water has no calories so it's certainly better than drinking juice or soda.

maybe but its basically starving yourslef do NOT ATTEMPT

Of course.


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