Is it unhealthy for 13 year olds to drink coffee?!

Question: Is it unhealthy for 13 year olds to drink coffee?
My parents are always saying that I'm addicted and that it's bad for my health.
I'm NOT addicted. I drink it before school, and not even every day. I usually drink it like 3-4 times a week.
I'm pretty sure that the whole "affecting health" thing is just a myth, but I'm not absolutely positive.

Should I stop drinking coffee?


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No just don`t drink to much

Caffeine is bad for EVEYBODY. Doesnt mean itll kill you but 13 is a tad young. I started when i was 11, drinking coffee (black! the starbucks kinds are like chocolate and im sick of kids showing off that they love coffee when thats not coffee at all), energy drinks, soda (mtn dew mostly). I got hooked and i have addiction. Never thought i would. Now i have 4 cups of coffee a day, 3-4 energy drinks, and soda with every meal

Im skinny but VERY unhealthy

Probably not.

I have heard the caffeine in coffee is beneficial however for ADD, it stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain that allow the person to focus. This is how Ritalin and other stimulants work.

But I still would be very hesitant to advise coffee for children.

It gave my dad ulcers lol.
I don't drink it, I had it once, but haven't had it since. I'm 17 lol.

I'm pretty sure heavy amounts of it are bad for you. Plus, tea's better anyway.

It isn't unhealthy, and can be good for you in moderation, just don't drink truckloads of it because it can lead to feeling over the edge on caffeind and no it won't stunt your growth.

no, not as unhealthy as any other adult

coming from a 14 yr old who drinks coffee

not at all, its really helpful for staying awake throughout the day. However, coffee in excess of 100 cups can kill you, so just watch out.

No, keep drinking it at that moderation.

it can stunt your growth,but, i drink it anyway im still tall for my age im 14 and 5'7

personal exp

i wouldnt say its unhealthy, but i have heard it can stain ur teeth, and theres lots of caffine and sugar.

More than once a day is just going to make you hyper and drain your energy.

At least you're not on drugs

my mom always said when i drink coffee that I will stunt my growth but I am not sure how true that is

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