what makes "junk food" so addictive?!

Question: What makes "junk food" so addictive?

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In early days- it was due to ingredients & chemicals that made it lucrative & tasty.
In modern days- no time..its quick &tasty!

the fact that the body reacts positively to grease as in prehistoric times, people ate when they had food and stocked up for days they did not. we still have this trait so we like fat. Also, they purposely put addictive chemicals inside so that you will come back for more and buy more

Years ago we couldn't get much of the things inside and as they are good for us in small amounts we are "programmed" by evolution to like these fatty things but now that we can get it so easily and we still have the "programming" telling us to like it we eat way too much of it

The additives. Plus, they taste much nicer than normal food like vegetables

Most junk food is made up of simple carbs, and is what we consider "comfort food".

fat, sugar and attractive look

It tastes better. :-)

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