will any pop help me stay awake longer?!

Question: Will any pop help me stay awake longer?
im drinking sprite well going to anyway


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Jolt Cola, Coca Cola or Tahiti Treat...!!


In terms of pop and NOT energy drinks?? Definitely not Sprite. Sprite is caffeine-free. Coca-Cola Classic, Mountain Dew, RC and Jolt Cola (if you can find them), Pepsi, and Barq's root beer are all KNOWN for their caffeine content.

I love to drink pop

sprite does not have caffeine so it will not keep you up or help you stay awake. mountain dew and dr. pepper both have a lot of caffeine, as does cola.

Sprite has zero caffeine you need a flavor of pop with it mountain dew is the highest level of them all

not pop, but some good ac/dc will keep you awake. beat it and black or white from mj will also keep you on

red bull, redline, monster, rockstar

supposedly Mountain Dew has the highest caffeine content

I like Rockstar Cola.

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