Does pomegranate juice make you high?!

Question: Does pomegranate juice make you high?
I just bought a bottle of pomegranate juice, and now I feel slightly buzzed.

Is this normal?


It might be possible for you to brew a beer using pomegranate but it doesn't make you high.

Pomegranates,like many fruits are rich in a colossal variety of vitamins. Some of these vitamins help in distributing carbohydrates to the nerves and muscle cells. You're probably feeling peppy because of the carbohydrates being delivered to your cells and supplying you with energy.

I doubt it's an allergy because they usually come with nasty side effects like rashes or swelling. If your condition exacerbates, you should consider seeing a doctor or nutritionist.

nobody else is gonna die. not for me

>It's the sugar high. No, it cannot make you really "high" but the sugar might give you a slight rush.

no, if it did, everybody would never drink their pom juice and let it turn to some kind of wine.

Nah. It's just delicious. Maybe you are allergic?

it doesnt.

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