Tea Flavors, what do you recommend?!

Question: Tea Flavors, what do you recommend?
what kind of tea do you recommended? Ive never really tried tea but i would like to, any suggestion?
thank you!! <3


it depends what type your looking for...
do you like something sweet where you don't have to add anything
do you like a strong tea that is natural and bittery in after taste?

i personally like ginger peach black tea... it is kind of a mixture of both worlds... a little sweet but strong at the same time... plus the aroma is WONDERFUL!!!

if your just getting into teas i'd start with white teas and work your way up to black.. they have a milder taste

You should definitely try green tea! It has loads of health benefits, e.g. antioxidants (help give you glowing skin and also fight cancer), makes your hair stronger, with prolonged drinking it helps to naturally freshen your breath, stains your teeth much less than normal teas, and help you to burn calories!

It can have a slightly bitter taste, so I prefer to buy the green tea with added mint flavour, it is delicious.

BUT, just because I have told you all these fabulous things about green tea, don't just stick to it. There is loads and loads of other flavours, herbal teas, teas served with milk and sugar, black tea, there's just so many varieties. Tea is an amazing versatile drink, so enjoy it, and have fun picking your favourite!

Good luck!

Personal experience and preference.

Orange Spice is one of my favorites, and Celestial Seasonings makes a 'Madagascar Vanilla Red' tea that is red roobois, very tasty and almost creamy. All teas are best with a touch of orange blossom or clover honey, at least in my opinion.

I love tea, which has no sugar and delicious.


green tea and persian tea

Peppermint tea and mixed berry teas are good <3

ya my favourite coffee and tea


Green tea.

orange pekoe!
my most favorite :) I'll die without it

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