Reasons why energy drinks shouldn't be banned in the US?!

Question: Reasons why energy drinks shouldn't be banned in the US?
I'm writing a paper on why energy drinks should not be banned for kids under 18 years of age and i need three reasons on why they shouldn't be banned.



Well there's several reasons why energy drinks shouldn't be banned from the US. They're not as (entirely) bad as cigarettes for one. They have about the same side effects of coffee, and they can help you maintain focus. Now as for whether or not they should be allowed for minors is a bit more of a debate. I feel that minors don't need to use energy drinks (hell you guys have enough energy as it is) and drinking energy drinks at that age will make you focus on having it as a source of energy rather than creating energy based off of your motivation.

Toomuch gov. Control tyranny

They're really considering doing that in America? lul.

1 they taste good
2 people like it
3 can give more working opportunity for man

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