I'm so thirsty and water isn't doing it for me?!

Question: I'm so thirsty and water isn't doing it for me?
I drank alot of water, but I'm still thirsty.


trust me, just keep on drinking water. Your probably really dehydrated. Remember that
water is the best thing you can drink...so jst keep drinking it untill your not thirsty anymore :)

Solo: the original thirst crusher!

Seriously though, if this doesn't clear up in a day or so, and you don't have any other symptoms that suggest it's just a cold or something, see a doctor.

Try a tea or something with flavor, then go back to water. See if that helps. Also, worse case... You could be diabetic.

Try Iced tea. Not the instant kind or the bottle kind that has added sugar, but the actual tea bag kind.

Try tea this will help to reduce your thirst.

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