Matcha Green Tea sell in krogers?!

Question: Matcha Green Tea sell in krogers?
Does Matcha Green Tea sell in Kroger, or some other stores that are popular???


no, krogers is a regular grocery store. i've only seen match sold at whole foods. a small tin of it is about 10 dollars.

The high-end gourmet type stores (like Whole Foods) often sell Matcha. But in general, it can be hard to find in the U.S. Your best bet is to order it online, and I'd recommend buying from a company that specializes in Japanese tea. My tea website has listings of different sources of matcha:

You might want to order from Obubu tea. They're a small farmer-owned cooperative and have been donating a portion of their sales to the earthquake victims. Here's a link to their matcha page:

yes :D

yes :D

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