Get rid of only stomach fat without losing fat anywhere else?!

Question: Get rid of only stomach fat without losing fat anywhere else?
My legs have a great shape, my thighs and butt too, but my stomach is FAT. Is there anything i can do to only eleminate fat in my stomach area without losing weight anywhere else?



I understand the problem you’ve been going through when trying to lose weight and flatten your stomach. My friend was in the same situation as you, nothing seemed to work for him until he came across the truth about six-pack abs. He’s had great success with it, and maybe this is something which could be right for you. Good luck !

no, sorry. belly fat is the hardest to lose and if you keep on this bad diet you got there, you're gonna surely die. the only solution is to lose all the fat in your body by becoming incredibly skinny and out of shape, then getting plastic surgery. it's way easier! but plastic is toxic, so you might die... sorry, but if you want to be hot you have to pay the consequences.

Exercise, just this can help you to lose weight in your stomach.

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