What is the difference between robusta and arabica coffee?!

Question: What is the difference between robusta and arabica coffee?
Im going to buy some kopi luwak cuz I want to try it, but I don't know whether to order robusto or arabica.


Arabica always taste better, thats why more expensive than robusta.
Arabica taste sweet-soft to sharp tangy and robusta is more like neutral to harsh.

And wild luwak (Civet), the animal it self, always pick and eat the best berries, unless they are breed (they eat what is given).

for the best luwak can find it at camatarra coffee.
they have the best luwak coffee i've ever tried.

the link : www.camatarra.com


Robusta is much stronger and quite a lot more bitter.....I'm pretty sure it's popular in the U.S. (but not positive). Arabica is much milder and not bitter. It's very popular in Australia, the UK and France.

edit: This URL seems to go into quite a bit of detail.

I don't know the technical difference, but I prefer some dark, strong arabica! I have it every morning!

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