How much caffeine is there in a mug of coffee?!

Question: How much caffeine is there in a mug of coffee?
I've been drinking a lot of energy drinks recently, and they've all got the usual "high amount of caffeine" warning and whatnot on them. most energy drinks usually have 32ml per 100 ml, which is considered high, but how much caffeine is there in a average, say, 250ml mug of medium strength coffee?



Coffee is measured as roughly 6oz (177ml) per serving. In an average serving of coffee you can expect 120-180mg of caffeine (add roughly 50% more for 250ml of coffee). If you're going by 32mg caffeine in 100ml of energy drink, then coffee has considerably more.

The main difference is that coffee has a naturally variable amount of caffeine (even decaf still has a little) and energy drinks & sodas have caffeine artificially added. That's why you know exact amounts for sodas, but not coffee.

I roast my own beans and have seven ways to brew coffee.

I am not 100& sure how much caffeine is in a mug of coffee. But what I do know is there is 80mg of caffeine in a serving of Crave Energy Drink. If you are looking for a better choice of energy drink check out crave…

I can't directly answer your question either, but I'm pretty sure that those energy drinks have more caffeine in them than the average mug of coffee

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