my coke is over due because it says mar 2 11?!

Question: My coke is over due because it says mar 2 11?
what do i do?


YES ......But it just means the STORE is not supposed to sell it after that date ....You will not die worse your soda might be a little flat .....You have the right to go back to the store for an Exchange or refund ......NEXT Time you shop every product you intend to buy

Life...i`m old

Drink it anyway. The expiration date is arbitrary. It may, in time, lose a little of it's flavor but it would take more than a few days or weeks. Most expiration dates say: "Best if used by" but it is usually still good. After a year or two it may not be.

It's fine. It might seem a little flat to you especially if it hasn't been refrigerated though. Drink it now! Why are you letting delicious Coke go bad!?

if it hasnt been open yet, it should still be good. if it has been open, it shouldnt hurt you but it may be flat.

If it has been refrigerated it is ok.

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