Does the drink Dr Pepper contain any kind of pepper?!

Question: Does the drink Dr Pepper contain any kind of pepper?
If not, why the name?


The origin of Dr. Pepper is well known. The inventor of the soft drink worked in a drug store. He was dating the daughter of a dentist. The father would not let his daughter marry the young man who only worked in a drug store because he would never amount to anything.

When the young man found a nice recipe for a soft drink, he decide to name it after the dentist, out of spite.

And yes the dentists name was Dr. Pepper.

No, these are the main ingredients
?Carbonated Water
?Color (Caramel E150d)
?Flavorings (including caffeine)
?Phosphoric Acid
?Preservative (E211

It dose not have any pepper they gave it the name because soda drinks where used to treat stomach acheand illneses
They aded pepper because it was catchy

they probably just really liked pepper and then became a doctor

Yes that's why dr. Pepper tastes so spicy.......... No, it doesn't

It does not.

no it does not, its just a little bit spicy tasting thats why.


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