Why do people drink diet soda?!

Question: Why do people drink diet soda?
Diet coke recently surpassed Pepsi as the #2 soda sold in the U.S. (Coke is #1) but i dont understand. I can see diabetics drinking diet soda, but everybody else? Its got so many chemicals an actually makes you eat more, so it really is just as bad if not a little worse than regular soda. Above all, its NASTY!!!! So why do people drink it?


Some people prefer the taste of diet soda's and drink them purely for that reason.

Other people drink diet soda because they are poorly informed and think that it is healthier for them, when in fact as you stated, it's not. It doesn't help the fact that diet drinks are marketed in a way to suggest that they are healthier with pictures and ads of skinny models and poor slogans.

I drink Diet Coke, so I have to disagree. When you say that it's "just as bad if not a little worse than regular soda" -- come on, you have to be kidding! We have an obesity epidemic in America right now, and studies have shown that one of the worst dietary habits is drinking one's calories. Diet soda has zero calories, as opposed to regular soda, which is pure sugar. It doesn't contain any chemicals that make a person eat more -- that's just silly. And to me, regular soda tastes way too sugary, and I actually prefer the more mild taste of diet soda.

I remember seeing news reports where they were liking the percentage of people who drank diet soda were also overweight. I recall the saccharin issues from years ago. The artificial sweeteners are just gross. I am not overweight and I drink maybe one reg soda everyday. I also drink alot of water, The only thing I do love is Gatorade G2 or Powerade 0, Its all about moderation, I always laughed when people get the Supermegafat value meal and get a diet soda. Both the #1 sodas are also loaded w/caffeine. Drink more water and juice!!!!

They become addicted!
After starting to drink diet sodas, regular sodas feel too heavy and/or syrupy. I find with a lot of people it's not about it being 'diet', but because of an acquired taste preference.
You're all right, though! Diet soda is worse than regular because of all those chemicals!

I don't know but I AGREE WITH YOU!
Diet soda is bad for you and i guess people think its supposed to help
you with your diet and help you get skinnier but THEY ARE WRONG! :P
I guess the obese people these days will try anything.

I drink diet coke because i like it. I've been drinking it for years and I haven't had increased appetite or gained weight because of it.

P.S For the record: I'm not obese or overweight. Never have been pre or post diet drinks.

I agree with all you said. I think the majority of people have been very misinformed and actually think it's better for them!!!

They drink it because it has less sugar and it suppose to be better for you.

Its a less calorie and sugar base. But diet coke and vodka is yum

Ikr I'm with ya. Diet is all unhealthy nasty chemicals

They love it without reason

lol cause it says "diet".

some people like it.. i used to.. i don't anymore, lol
and it has 0 calories

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