drinking Coffee bad for me?!

Question: Drinking Coffee bad for me?
im 12 i drink a coffee in the morning and then one about mid day.. is this bad for me?


it's good for you. I give my 8 month old son sips of coffee. Coffee is great! Nothing wrong with it except for the old wives tales that go with it.

I am sorry, but drinking coffee for a 12 yr old.. completely not good for you. I don't know what these people are smoking, telling you it's good for you!! Insanity!! It can make you nervous, give you acne (as it does very much for me), give you reflux, it inhibits circulation, also makes you crash at the end of the day.
Coffee is just a temporary fix to a problem. If you get off coffee and start eating fruits for breakfast and healthy lunches, you'll feel better and you won't even feel like you need it after about a week or two. Best of luck!!!

It's not bad for you unless you drink too much of it. One or two cups a day of it shouldn't hurt, but don't go overboard, especially since you are still growing.

it will have several effects on you it could shorten your over all height and it will speed up your heart so yes it is bad for but not as bad as energy drink because the heart speed change isnt as great

I wouldn't say it is but you are a little to young. Tooo much caffeine. Unless it is decaf then you all right.

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