Is skim milk basically just milk with water added to it?!

Question: Is skim milk basically just milk with water added to it?

Skim milk has a fat content of less than 0.5%, significantly lower than low fat or semi-skimmed milk that contains approximately fat of 1-2%. Whole milk, on the other hand, comes with a fat content of 3.5%. Skim milk can sometimes be seen to have a very slightly greenish tinge to its opaqueness, because of the riboflavin that can be found in the whey component of milk. The casein micelles can also scatter light differently and give skim milk a slightly bluish tinge at times.

Milk is allowed to stand after milking, and fat consequently floats to the uppermost layer because of the difference in relative density. This very rich layer becomes butter and cream, and the rest is made into other processed dairy products such as cheese. However, if only the topmost fatty layer is removed and processed, and the remainder is known as skim milk because the fat has been “skimmed off” the milk. Centrifuges are now used to separate the fat from the rest of the milk.…

No it is milk with the fat skimmed off the top hence the name "skim milk". No No No to the person down below skim milk does not I repeat does not have water added to it. Nor is it any less nutritious than regular milk it is just less fattening.

no they take away the fat then they add water to it to make it more fuller, thus making it thiner and tastless

i prefer 2%

No, it's milk with the cream (milkfat) removed from it.

pretty much ya

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