I drink about 4 bottles of coke a week, is this really bad for your health?!

Question: I drink about 4 bottles of coke a week, is this really bad for your health?
I drink about 4 normal sized bottles a week of coke zero. Is this making me gain weight??


If you are gaining weight, it's because you are eating more calories than you burn on a regular basis. Drinking a zero calorie drink has nothing directly to do with gaining weight. The other people here are quick to repeat all the garbage they've heard with no substantiation. Talk to a dietician. Zero calorie or even low calorie drinks, carbonated or not, don't directly and significantly affect weight loss, unless they replace other drinks that DO have lots of calories, even items with nutrients such as fruit juices, milk, or sugar soda drinks. Anyone who claims that the carbonation hurts you is untruthful. Carbonated drinks are only very lightly acidic, less than orange juice, tomato juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade, etc., just look it up if you don't believe me. And every breath you exhale contains more CO2 than a gulp of soda. Most of the carbonation is released in your mouth before the liquid goes down your throat, which is why it feels fizzy. Let the drink sit in your mouth for 5 seconds and the fizz quickly goes away. That's because the CO2 saturated in the water quickly is released with the heat inside your mouth. Now if drinking diet sodas alters your other eating behaviors, then yes, it can have a secondary effect, but this is under your control if it doesn't change your behavior, particularly if you use it to substitute for high calorie drinks. But sodas don't contribute any nutrition besides water, so having a reasonably diverse diet of various juices can improve your nutritional intake. But 4 bottles of diet soda isn't going to matter one way or another, by itself. I've studied nutritional science and chemistry at University, with straight A's I might add.

All soft drinks without sugar contains the sweetener aspartame, which caused cancer in rats, when given in really high concentrations. It is considered safe to humans though, but excessive drinking of aspartame containing drinks cannot be recommended (I assume you drink the LARGE bottles???)... Furthermore, it is a source to phenylalanine, which some people can't digest..

So I would suggest you shift to freshly pressed juice (the one YOU make, not the ones you buy), or milk and water, then you would at least get some nutrition (for the two first ones) while drinking it.

But ultimately; it's your life and your decision, just remember that consequences don't show up until later on, when it's too late.

About aspartame - check the "discovery and approval"
About phenylalanine and phenylketonuria:

man i was drinking atleast 3 bottles a day and i totally forgot water but i got acid reflux problems and it hurts to much when u can't swallow properly or u feel like there is a lump in ur throat add to that my weight increased too much :( but now i stopped that habbit and i am on a diet.i think it's too hard for coke addicts like me and u to stop it forever so a bottle or 2 in a week will not be so bad just don't push it to hard on urself wish u good luck ;)

Omf?! Dude, 4 a week? I hope i don't sound like a health freak, but you don't drink 4 bottles a week. It's bad for your health! And it's acidic, which will make your trachea corrode. Carbon dioxide in the coke is a definite no good, especially for the healthy blood flow. But hey, you wanna die getting a stroke, up to you ;) just saying.

It's bad. Actually we don't need this, may it be a coke zero or just the normal coke. What our body needs is water, just that. Let's be healthy, take care of your system.

2 liters? Yes this is bad, 12oz bottles not really, but any soda is bad, drink water or gatorade

Coke Zero is probably worse for you than normal coke. It promises your body sugars which it doesn't get, so you'll be craving something sweet straight after! Plus, all fizzy drinks give you wind...

Yes. I think it is bad for health and I also think it might possibly make you gain weight

probebly scince it has sugars which turn to fat, and besides that your not suppose to drink soda at all.

Coca-Cola zero has no calories... you don't gain weight from that.

Coca-Cola zero has no calories... you don't gain weight from that.

If you don't exercise u could be gaining weight. coke can stunt your growth too.

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