Does a warm glass of water help you sleep?!

Question: Does a warm glass of water help you sleep?
I have some sleeping problems and I was just wondering if there's any statistics or medical facts or something that could help me out, without specific medicine. I always keep a glass of water on my bedside table, so I was wondering if it was warm would it make me sleepy??
If there's any other sleeping facts you could mention that would be fantastic! =)
thanks a bunch,


no but milk does because there is an enzyme that actually makes you drowsy(sleepy) water is just water

I ever drink a glass of water (mineral) and it's work
but you can try with warm milk too.
because a glass of water can make you refresh and not too tired so you can take a sleep

my experience

Water has never helped me to sleep and I don't think anything does, I believe it is in the mind, and the tiredness of the body.

No because then you pee pee your bed.

Personal experience.

Try either warm milk or some chamomile tea.

Yeah it does but not coffee because it has cafane . And a warm glass of milk too is very good

no but warm milk does work because there is an enzime in it that natrily makes you drowzzy

no warm milk might do the trick

but warm water is what you drink when you want to puke

Warm milk or cold lassi

Yes it does.

warm milk with honey or suger

warm milk helps alot.

no it doesn't help me

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