Red Bull or Monster? Which one is better for an 11 year old?!

Question: Red Bull or Monster? Which one is better for an 11 year old?
I have a 11 year old son and we want to know which drink tastes better and is better for you? Currently, he's drinks 3 a week. Is this ok for him to be drinking that much? If so, which one should he be drinking...if you had to choose.


Neither. He should have nothing stronger than Kool-Aid. This crap wasn't around when I was a kid and I was playing all day long outside. Get him away from the X-Box and get him a baseball glove

You should NOT be giving an 11 year old drinks with that much caffeine, it will cause growth problems. Even go ask a doctor.
Try getting him to eat more whole grains, they provide lots of long lasting HEALTHY energy. Also protein. I like peanut butter or nutella on whole grain toast.
Also, a multi B vitamin will increase energy and stamina levels healthily.
In closing, there is no such thing as a healthy energy drink. Especially for an eleven year old. I hope you will think more about your son's future health the next time you allow him to put anything down his throat.

I would not give those drinks to your son. I'm 17 and a lot of my friends drink them. They are soo bad for you. Give him gatorade, soda, anything but those drinks. These energy drinks are known to cause heart attacks in children and teens that drink them.

You are the parent. You don't HAVE to choose either. Simply tell him no. By saying no you are not being a bad parent, you are potentially saving your child's life.

Check out the website of ANY energy drink and there will be a disclaimer stating that nobody under 18 should consume their drink. Why??? you might ask....It is because there have been thousands of documented heart attacks in children that consume these types of drinks.

Truth, and my wife is a Dr.

i would say monster because i think Red bull has alcohol in it but i don't know about monster. Monster is supposed to be for teenagers who want to pretend to get their "buzz on". But at least it doesn't have alcohol in it.

my sister used to drink red bull when she was 15.

Neither, energy drinks are bad. Many teenagers have died from cardiac arrest because of drinking too many energy drinks.

They both cause heart attacks, if you love your son and want him to live stop giving him them and give him something different and safer like lucozade or milk/apple juice etc.

I wouldn't choose either but if i was forced to choose I would do monster.

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