how long to chill a glass bottled soda in the freezer?!

Question: How long to chill a glass bottled soda in the freezer?
It is at room long do you think that it will take it to be nice and chilled once placed in the freezer?Thanks guys.


Try 10-15 minutes. Open it , taste it. If not cold enough, repeat and taste every 5 minutes.

Fill half of a bowl with water , add half a cup of salt ,add ice cubs to the water and the salt mix , now pot the soda there .
the mix should chill the soda in 10 min .
:) from my science class .

If you have a icebox in your frezzer, it should take 5 minutes.
If you don't have a icebox-10 minutes.

you lazy bastard :p

id say give it 10 minutes

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