Which do you like better? Coke or Coke Zero?!

Question: Which do you like better? Coke or Coke Zero?

taste wise .. COKE .. the zero has a funny aftertaste
other reasons... still COKE! if it doesn't taste good why bother.
try to watch your weight.. Still COKE .. just drink less of it!

me and my taste buds

I choose coke 0. I chose coke 0 because it has no calories. It is more healthy for you. "Dont drink coke it has to many calories. If you want to know how many calories there is... Look at the top and where it says how many contained(lets say 8) you * 8 by how many calories and you will get your answer of how many calories. So drink coke 0. MUCH BETTER FOR YOU.

I like coke zero because it tastes like pepsi. but I'm not gonna drink pepsi because they set michael jackson's head on fire. **** YOU PEPSI, GO TO HELL

Coke Zero.

I never drink non-diet soda anymore, and i don't even like the taste of it now.



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