i drank from a cup in the dishwasher!?!

Question: I drank from a cup in the dishwasher!?
k so i had the hiccups. i went around looking 4 a cup but ***** find 1. so, i yanked 1 out of the dishwasher while it was cleaning the cup and other kitchen suplies.(there was like 34 seconds left in the timer thing.) i began to fill it up and chug down water until the hiccups ceased. my mom said she hoped there was no deadly chemicals left but said the heat in the dishwasher probably killed all the germs. she said id be fine but im not so sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… plz help asap!


I'm sure your fine, if the rinse cycle had already began then 34secs wouldn't have made much of a difference to any chemicals.

You shouldn't worry, plus what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

So your affraid cause you drank out of a cup that wasn't done cleaning all the way?.....no you wont die yes the heat prob killed all the germs and i really doubt there are any "deadly" chemicals in your dishwasher otherwise people with dishwasher would be dropping like flies, they diffinatly wouldn't market a cleaner that would kill you in small amounts especialy for cleaning something you eat off of. No the most that will happen is you get a lil soap taste

what I want to know is why the hell you're drinking water to get rid of hiccups. i get chronic hiccups, maybe about 2 or 3 times a day, and that is NOT how you get rid of them.

hiccups are when your 2 breathing muscles aren't in tune and act separately, so one will try to breath out but the other will try and breath in, making you hiccup. you just have to switch to the manual breathing mode and steady it. it's not hard.

If there were only 34 seconds left on the timer it was probably on the drying cycle anyway and had already gone through the wash and rinse cycle. What deadly chemicals were you worried about anyway? Even if you had washed items with bleach or cleanser on them, I bet it would have washed off in the rinse cycle. You should be fine.

Oh no WAY!!
DIDN'T you know!?!

I am a bio chem student, they are highly toxic chemicals used in dishwasher tablets!!!!
Why do you think they are contained in the little 'cling film' pouch?!


Especially of embarrassment when you tell them what you have done and they stand and laugh at you...

Im joking, that was mean, you'll be great, just burping some bubbles, it will be a very dilute alkaline solution, at the most... no sorry there is nothing , its highly unlikely you will even feel sick! Go eat some chocolate that will fix it

Are you being serious?? Why would you worry about this, you would have to chug a few gulps of pure dish cleaner to get sick. If the cup was empty and you just filled it with water, it would be the same as pulling one out of the cupboard.

what i don't get is why you just couldn't wait till the 34 seconds was up or either rinsed the cup out in the sink before using it...34 seconds longer with the hiccups wouldn't have killed you.

im afraid to say....but....this could be fatal.

good luck .

Your gonna die

eww u shud wash it first lol

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