7UP or Sprite? Which is better?!

Question: 7UP or Sprite? Which is better?
And can you even tell the difference?!


It's like the Coke and Pepsi thing,
I prefer Sprite but there's barely a difference. Only if you put the two next to each other and drink them, then you might find a slight difference in taste

actually in my opinion there is not much difference, there might e teensy weensy difference, but idk that. BOTH are good. But drinking then too much is not good, it is bad for your healt, u can of course drink then once in a while, or twice in a while, i rarely gte them, my parents don't buy them for me



I would have to enunciate nowadays in that isn't much of a difference. It used to be that 7Up had a crisper drink than Sprite (it was harder - like peas in a pod way Coke is harder than Pepsi). (More caustic and more carbonation)

However, 7Up recently changed their recipe and it's bland and of poorer quality it used to be.
sprite tastes wayyyyyy better! i dont really know though, they both hold lemon an lime in it so i guess its newly because of the brand names
Coke make Sprite & Pepsi makes 7Up. They appetite virtually the same.
i cogitate sprite is a bit sweeter than 7up. i prefer sprite on a regular basis, but when i hold an upset stomach, 7up because the sprite is too sweet.
sprite is made with lemon close to and lime like flavors, 7-up is made next to lime like and lemon flavors.
Sprite have 6 letters within it, no numbers in its moniker, and is owned by Coke.
7Up is a Dr. Pepper product and it has a number contained by its title.
I like 7Up better than Sprite.
I come up with Sprite is Coca Cola's brand and 7up is from Pepsi. I personally resembling Sprite more.
It is hard for me to share the difference.
Um the name thats adjectives I got
7up have more natural ingredents, and is better for you.

but i hold to say sprite is wayy better.
Sprite is made by Coca-Cola. 7 UP is owned by Cadbury Schweppes. Sprite taste better and has not changed its nibble for the longest time - I like it more than 7 Up. 7 Up keep changing its flavor as if it cannot form up its mind.

I would say there both good comparing to older sodas like coke and mountain due. All those contain caffeine which 7up and sprite don't contain. So I would say both.

I prefer sprite because it comes in these tiny 12ounce bottles and i drink it for my stomach, but really there is not any difference at all.

What's the difference? they taste the same to me lol but if I had to choose i woud pick 7 up becuz i love the game "heads up 7 up" lol

I find 7up is not as sweet as Sprite, but both are good with Ice,slice of lemon ,Lime and a large Vodka

they still make 7up never woulda known i drink sprite sometimes but Water is the better option

Sprite. I can definitely tell the difference.

7UP is a little...sweeter...in my mind. I prefer 7UP because ive been drinking it before i even knew what sprite was.. so thats how i feel.

sprite has help me when i get sick . so i have to go with it .


they're the same but Sprite


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