Why do you die if you drink too much water?!

Question: Why do you die if you drink too much water?
Just wondering. I thought that water was good for you.


too much water dilutes the electrolytes your body needs to function. other things, like salt, can also be diluted.


A normal person under normal circumstances will not die from drinking too much water. They will just have to pee a lot. In extreme athletes in extreme conditions, taking in too much water ca be a problem because your body can't metabolize it fast enough and it causes a toxic blood ph.

If you think about it water in must come out... if you fill a bath too much it will spill...if you keep drinking loads of water and you can't drain it you will fill up inside...your kidneys will drown and it will eventually affect the rest of your body

Wendy has the right answer. It's called water intoxication.


Too much can cause your brain to swell and can kill you


in EXTREME amounts yes. on radio someone died from a water drinking contest but i for a dare drank 5 3 pitchers of water so...

i would imagine you would start throwing up water like when you drink too much alcohol you throw up that liquidd???

Moderation is the key!

too much of anything isn't good for you

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