Where did your water break?!

Question: Where did your water break?
i plan on working up untill the last day of my pregnancy, but im nervous my water will break at work, where were you when your water broke, did you drive yourself to the hospital? 39 weeks along., did contractions come first? ugh how will I know?


My water broke one day before I turned 39 weeks. We had just gone to bed an hour before, and then I felt a huge gush of liquid. No contractions- I went to the hospital and had to be induced because the water broke, but I was not having any contractions whatsoever. Some women do have contractions first- I did not.

Ok, this got posted in the wrong category (food and beverages) but I'll answer anyway.

Unlike what you see on tv, very seldom does labor start with water breaking. I only know of ONE woman whose water broke first, then labor started.

And if for some reason YOU are the one of the few who start labor with a "gush' you will probably have plenty of time to drive yourself to the hospital, though I really suggest you have someone else drive you if at all possible.

And you WILL know when the contractions hit. Maybe not at first (just kind of crampy) but there is no mistaking them once they get intense.

While I was sleeping in bed, and I was 38 weeks. My husband drove me to the hospital. But I was in labor for 20 hrs. My first contractions only came after I was induced. My second however was while I was sitting in a chair. I felt the contractions then, but they came sporadically. I was once more induced and delivered in 4 hrs. You'll know. They feel like the worse cramps you ever had while on your period. And they will be consistent.

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