Pepsi or Coke? Can you state why your preference and why? Would asking your age be to forward?!

Question: Pepsi or Coke? Can you state why your preference and why? Would asking your age be to forward?

I like pepsi products. Aquafina not dasani. I can taste the difference. Dasani tastes like warm plastic. I think pepsi has a cleaner taste. Coke has a metalic taste to me.
I'm 36

Coke all the way, Pepsi just tastes weird to me...but prefer Coke Zero. Used to love Diet Coke but the Zero option actually tastes like real Coke but without the furry teeth! Diet Coke now tastes like nothing next to Zero.
Am late 30's and drink waaay too much Coke Zero for my own health.......

Coke, but coke with REAL sugar, not corn syrup. It's so much better that way (and usually comes in glass bottles too)! I grew up with the 'real' coke like this, and it's very hard to find in the USA. They ship it up from Mexico, so I can find it some places!

From those 2 I prefer Coke. I find pepsi sweeter and that's really the only reason. And if I can choose Coke, I try to find it in a bottle because of the real sugar, and the carbonation seems to be just right.

Coke. Because I hate Pepsi's campaigning style (seems to me like they only know how to advertise by trash talking Coke). Coke have always projected itself in a much more wholesome image.
I'm 24

Coke. Because it's nicer in taste and I think it's more carbonated.
I'm 18

They taste different to me.
I like both, just like I like both sierra mist and mountain dew, not one or the other.



pepsi,s the best, coke,s too gassy


coke is too fizzy for my liking and there is a slight difference in taste (despite what people claim)

i am 25

coke - i've never liked pepsi - has a wang to it & leaves an aftertaste. my fav is mr. pibb though - i'm 42.

coke because its has more sugar. pepsi just taste like flat coke to me, im 18

I like Coke because its taste is better than Pepsi.
I m 28....

You are weird

i think pepsi cause i think it tastes sweeter than coke. im 15

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