Is this a good everyday breakfast ?!

Question: Is this a good everyday breakfast ?
If I have 3 eggs for breakfast every day is it good for my muscle building? I exercise every other day by doing 250 push ups and 250 sit ups just by doing that I've got huge pecks a decent six pack and good arm and shoulder muscles but I don't know how to get my wrist muscles bigger any suggestions? Back to the 3 eggs for breakfast a day so is it a good idea with the exercise I'm doing? I'm 15 by the way so is it good for my health?


Make it 2 eggs, not 3. :)
Having 2 eggs gives you enough protein for your body, and it gives you the enough amount of energy.
If you have 3 eggs, it might give you a bit TOO much protein for the body.

Try the three eggs with a half a grapefruit... they say there's something magic in grapefruit which goes with the eggs.

Good to use the eggs - they're the cheapest and best form of protein you can get. They practically give them away.

Watch out for the wrists - you might want to bind them with a leather band under stress - you can actually force your forearm bone apart very slightly - and it hurts like the Dickens - might be the real cause of "carpal tunnel".

I think it would be too many everyday I don't think your workout is sufficient to warrant that many.
Wrist exercises should include press up. (you would get more details if you search for that online under exercise or similar

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