As a vegan, people keep telling me I'm not getting enough protein, despite the fact that I am obviously alive.?!

Question: As a vegan, people keep telling me I'm not getting enough protein, despite the fact that I am obviously alive.?
How hard should I slap them?


Anger/violent behavior is a common symptom of a lack of protein.

This is one of the most goofy things I have ever heard of.

"Being alive" and "not getting enough protein" are not one and the same. People can "be alive" and still not be getting enough protein. Duh!

The fact of the matter is that vegans can get enough protein but it takes a lot more planning and work because the foods you as a Vegan get protein from are different and needed in different amounts. With beans you would need to eat a ton more beans to get protein than you would say some fish, chicken etc.

If you want to be more healthy just be "mainly" vegan and get some protein now and again via fish, chicken, eggs etc.

Think about it.

ur an idiot. they r just concerned cuz being vegan=being stupid and unhealthy. cuz u really probably arent getting enough protein, especially if u are active. try tempeh, its sorta like tofu, made from fermented soy, and peanut butter, and protein shakes, u can try soy protein or hemp protein. its vegan friendly, but i still say ur an idiot, and uber defensive to concerned ppl who are probably right. getting enough protein doesnt mean u will die if u dont, it means ur body is functioning healthily and ur metabolism isnt wrecked and ur body isnt eating its own muscles. the real question is how hard shall i slap YOU?

You may be protein deficient and not know it. Most vegetarians or vegans eat beans, which are high in protein, because not having enough is bad for your immune system, making you more vulnerable to diseases.

Medical experience

Hard enough so that the hamburger flies from their mouth, not hard enough to cause injury as they will sue you and counterclaim that you have an access of protein and use it to abuse omnivores and push a secret vegan agenda!


Gahhh. I'm constantly asked WHAT DO YOU EAT? DO YOU GET ANY PROTEIN? blah blah blah it's all super repetitive. Screw defensive omnivores. They're everywhere. Just roll your eyes I guess? or give them examples of what you eat for protein?


Tell them to f off and show them this picture: and this one:

Hahaha :] but regardless, people tell me the same thing all of the time! It's so damn annoying they should just mind their own stupid business! At least I'm not poisoning myself with milk puss and chicken ****. :] You too !

Well, being alive doesn't equate to being healthy. But other people should mind their own business, and the assumption that vegans and vegetarians can't eat right is just silly.

Hard enough to knock their buck teeth out.

You don't have the strength to slap them.

Knock em down so they can't get up. They are too stupid to be allowed to live

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