Whats gelatin made of?!

Question: Whats gelatin made of?

Gelatin is derived from animal connective tissue, bone and skin. Contrary to some ignorant posts, gelatin cannot come from hooves and horns as these contain keratin not collagen from which gelatin is obtained. They also come from many animals the most commonly used being horses and pigs.

There are many website that can give a more detailed description of what is gelatin. There is a gelatin like substitute used by vegetarian/vegan and food manufacturers called agar agar. . It is derived from sea weed. It is not however, "gelatin".

Water that has boiled animal bones long enough to where it formed a jelly-like consistency.

Bones/marrow of pigs and cows. Its not vegetarian, so if you are no more marshmallows for you! :)

Cow connective tissue.

Cow connective tissue.

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