Are you a former vegetarian?!

Question: Are you a former vegetarian?
If so, why did you change your mind?


I was in the beginning of high school, but then I fell in with a few people who weren't really supportive of it and so one day I just went ahead and ate one of my jerk ex-bf's chicken nuggets - I was starving and I did not get any dinner a lot of the time because no one would/could cook or buy anything for me to eat.

Now that I am better at cooking and have my own income I've gone back to being pescatarian.

It was in response to mad cow and then I just adopted it. I was young (I am 19 now), but I seemed to be still a very healthy child. I was for about 8 months when a friend's mom had made tacos for dinner. I was shy and I ate the taco to not offend anyone. But I love meat. Steal, fish, shellfish, chicken, (not-so-much pork), and I eat eggs as well. I just don't eat anything with hormones and I eat healthy. I like the idea of being vegan and vegetarian (and I do eat vegetarian dishes sometimes), but my body needs heme iron that one cannot get from legumes.

Still a veggie, and I won't be going back. :)

I know several ex-vegetarians, though. Friends of mine (all teenagers) who didn't last more than a few days before caving. I also know a handful of people who do the "vegan for a week" thing every couple of months.

I don't know anyone whose ever stuck to a vegetarian diet for more than a few months, and then gone back to eating meat.

I was one for alittle over a year and I know this sounds crazy but one night we was driving pass a Burger king and I always drive home that way but that night I smelled a a burger off of the grill and I looked at my husband who was on meat from day one and I said to him I want a bacon cheese burger her looked at me then turned the car around and since that day I been back on the beef LOL

Yep, I'm a former vegetarian who went omnivore for a few years, then I went vegan overnight lol. For a while I pretty much just closed my eyes to my health and animal welfare, but I had them well and truly opened again a few years ago.

Yes, I'm a former lacto-ovo vegetarian who's now been a vegan for 9 months.
I changed my mind because I did research on dairy and I never liked eggs.

i am 19 and have been vegetarian all my life.


yes, now I am Vegan.

Yes, and then I became a vegan and haven't looked back since!

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