Vegan diet help ????!

Question: Vegan diet help ????
As a you not drink milk and eat egs or fish..... whats te difference between vegan and vegetarian.

Also....what vitamins do you have to take cause your not eating meat. Im considering becoming a vegetarian or vegan and im curious...and i want input from a vegan instead of wikipedia or something like that




A vegetarian and a vegan both do not eat meat.
Fish. Is. Meat.

Vegans do not eat any dairy, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, or milk chocolate or ANY dairy product that comes from an animal- that means meat too, no rennet , no gelatin from hooves etc. No vegan or vegetarian eats fish, because, like chickens and baby ponies, fish are animals.

A vegetarian doesn't eat the FLESH, BLOOD, FAT, HOOVES, or anything from a dead animal.

They can eat the milk and cheese and eggs ( technically the animal doesn't die to make these things althouth their existence is miserable, tortured and vile, usually), but they don't eat DEAD ANIMAL PARTS.
No fish, chickens, cows, lambs, roosters, rabbits, donkeys, puppies, sheep, piggies, piglets, pate, fois gras, wings, buffaloes, baby unicorns, hamsters or french doves, pigeons, gorillas or monkey, polar bears or antelopes or deer. They just don't eat dead animals.

YOu don't need to take anything.

But, ( and please don't take this the wrong way) it sounds like you do not have much idea what a vegetarian or vegan IS, let alone what they eat, so why are you even doing this? It sounds like you don't even know you'll have to not buy poptarts and cheesits anymore to be vegan.

It's a very healthy ( well, it can be, it can also be unhealthy) way to live, without animals being chopped up justs to stuff in your gob. It would help if you read up about it-

a whole way of living that bans killing little piglets and being cruel and torturing them, in freezing stinking slaughterhouses full of faeces and slime. Animals aren't ALQuaida confirmed Buddha bombers,, yet they're treated worse than scum.

Well to put it simply, vegetarians eat everything but actual meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc)... Vegans do not eat any meat or animal products at all (milk, cheese, butter, eggs, etc). That's the difference between the two.
And as a vegetarian, you really dont have to take any special vitamins, but as a vegan you need to take a b12 supplement because b12 usually comes from animals and animal products, although its recommended for everyone whether vegan vegetarian or even meat eaters to take multivitamins.
If you're thinking about it, i'd recommend going vegetarian first then switching to vegan when you feel comfortable, its easier than just going cold turkey. Good luck =)


A vegetarian typically just avoids meat, but still eats things such as eggs and milk, and some even eat fish. Vegans, on the other hand, don't eat any animal products, so they do not eat milk, cheese, eggs, etc.

I am a vegetarian.

When you're a vegetarian, you don't eat meat. However, you still consume various types of dairy, etc. But when you're vegan, you're very strict about consuming ANYTHING that contains ANY trace of animal it in.

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