What is your favorite vegan/vegetarian food?!

Question: What is your favorite vegan/vegetarian food?

I make a flatbread pizza on white corn tortillas made with a saute of eggplant, onion, roasted red peppers, garlic (lots of garlic) sundried tomatoes and baby spinach.
Bake em' up till the tortillas are crisp kinda like a tostada.

baked tofu, fresh from the packet.
fresh tofu- like bread, soft, warm, nutty.
Fava beans- raosted in oven with oil and salt.
Tomatoes- with salt, pepper, herbs, garlic and soysauce
Tea with soymilk.

im not a vegan but i know a vegan who loves raw avocado on salad with olive oil

The protein veggie wrap at In-and-out burger w/o sauce. :) So good!


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