where do you buy your vegetarian/vegan cosmetics?!

Question: Where do you buy your vegetarian/vegan cosmetics?
Recently I've started to try and use more vegan and vegetarian products. I've been a vegetarian for six years...I think...something like that. But I'm new to make up. I don't wear it becuase I don't really need to wear it on a daily basis. However, I have a few occasions coming up where I need to wear it so I'm going to buy some concealer, foundation etc.

Do you know of any stores(not websites) that carry vegan products and brands? What products have you had a good experience with that you'd recommend? I want to go to a store becuase I want someone to help show me how to put it on or if it's like a grocery store or something, so I can at least make sure there is a possibility it's the right color. I'm tannish due to my "mixed" heritage and previous attempts to buy make up have failed...I can never find the right color.


Urban Decay ha plenty of vegan makeup. Just go to Sephora. If you have a Whole Foods Market by you, they usually carry vegan makeup such as Gabriel Zuzu Luxe and some other brands. Those are the two stores I can think of off the top of my head. There are also plenty of websites.

vegan :D

I buy these vegan cosmetics for my friends, mainly I just need to know the brand and their listed ingriendients, but also look for the leaping bunny logo too. So I have a Henry's here but similar places to that are Trader Joe's & Whole Foods.

or google like where to buy Beauty Without Cruelty products, Kiss My Face products, etc

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