Joyva Sesame Honey Crunch has Corn Syrup in it?!

Question: Joyva Sesame Honey Crunch has Corn Syrup in it?
Does Joyva Sesame Honey crunch candies have corn syrup up in them? I just got them today from my local health food store because I don't eat alot of other sweets and honey I can tolerate. So it says no ingredients on them and there in my healthfood store you'd think it just has sesames and honey in them right? Well I looked on the online ingredients and sure enough last ingredient is corn syrup? WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU ADD CORN SYRUP TO A HONEY AND SESAME delicious tasting candy and not list ingredients on the bag, and more importantly why is this in my healthfood store if it has this in it doesn't belong here, how much Corn Syrup is in do you know I'm now addicted to them and can't stop eating them.


What's the matter with corn syrup?

What is wrong with corn syrup? You act like the world is about to be sucked up by a giant vortex that opens up when you add cornsyrup to something and dont hang a 100X75ft billboard announcing it to the world...

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