What do you eat today?!

Question: What do you eat today?
Please share :)



I had a grapefruit earlier with some raisin bran + rice milk. Lunch was red beans and brown rice / orzo w/ veggies (onion, carrots, celery, jalapenos) and I will probably have black bean tacos for dinner and maybe snack on some strawberries and homemade soy yogurt.

I had a hand full of gummy bears and a blue monster for breakfast.. seemed good at the time, seems a little sketchy when I type it out! HA!

Skipped lunch so I can get off work early...

and I will be having Cheese soup in a bread bowl for dinner.. it's at home cooking now <3

How about you?

Blueberry muffin, almonds, frozen blueberries, apple and peanut butter.

Yummy. And I just made a sandwich for later: veganaise, tahini, avocado, tofurkey, and lettuce

So far, a chocolate covered frozen banana half, a couple chai spiced cookies, a pancake, and chocolate soymilk. I will probably make a salad later.

I'm eating a gigantic bowl of savoy spinach, tomatoes and sprouted lentils with homemade tomato salsa and tofu steak.It's good

Marmite on toast and a banana for breakfast. A salad sandwich and a vegan yoghurt for lunch and this evening i am making a curry.

Huevos rancheros and a few cookies that my daughter made last night. No meat...yet.

Some nice, wholesome meals. No dairy! Yuck!

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