Is egg a vegetarian or non veg i have the answer of that letz seee who r intelligent?!

Question: Is egg a vegetarian or non veg i have the answer of that letz seee who r intelligent?
i have the answer of that lets see who answers it


it depends how far you want to go with being veggie but i think strictly speaking it's not really allowed,
i think you can get a powder substitute version of it in health shops.

personally speaking i think if your going veggie then one thing at a time.

Hahaha that is a funny way to ask a controversial question. :) I will answer it in a similar way that you asked it in:

Eggs are not vegetarian or non veg cuz they eat nuthin. Ever seee a egg eat anythings? If u did, it wuz not a egg. Some veges eat eggs, but that is there choices. I don't eat egg, cuz I r a intelligent vegan. I know the chick'ns are treated bad, so I don't eat them or drink milks from cows. Eggs aren't a animal, nor be they a fertilized egg, so they can be a vegetarian food. I hope I showed you I r intelligent!

I r intelligent vegan

LOL, the person who types "letz seee who r intelligent" asks this. Until you learn to spell correctly and use proper grammar I'm not going to take any stock in your opinion of me.

Eggs are not animals so it is vegetarian.

Eggs are acceptable for ovo-lacto vegetarians, but not for vegans. Just being vegetarian alone does not preclude one from eating animal byproducts as long as the animal is not killed or harmed in the process.

If you eat eggs that means you are Ovo vegetarian

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