What's a really healthy meal at a Japanese restaurant?!

Question: What's a really healthy meal at a Japanese restaurant?
Should I avoid Ramen noodles?


aww your not stupid!! menus can be extremly confusing, i convinced myself chinese takeaway was healthy last night ;) haha i think some of the best things to order are, vegetarian sushi, king prawn noodle dishes are generally healthier that meat versions, avoid anything fried like tempura and fried noodles, and wouldn't get a curry becaus they tend to be high in fat, if steamed or grilled fish is available thatsa good option...and noodles in a broth tend to be healthier than those that have been fried...hope this helps!! xxx

Pretty much any meal in Japan is healthy.

UN statistics on longevity shows Japan, the largest consumption of meat (fish/seafood) per ca-pita is the healthiest society (out of 194) on earth. India on the other hand, with approximately 35-50% of the population being vegan/vegetarian ranks 134th. The US, with its "typical unhealthy diet" ranks 23rd. By the way, also in India, the number one killer in rural areas, where you would find the highest density of plant based diet because of poverty, is cardiovascular disease. Even more ironic, India has one of the highest diabetic cases in Asia. Vegan/vegetarian healthier? No, definitely not.

Try vegetarian sushi, edamame beans (these are usually served as an appetizer), miso soup (most from my experience don't use fish stock, but ask anyway), seaweed salads with ginger sauce, soba noodles with vegetables, etc...

Ramen noodles aren't nutritious... mostly empty carbs and a lot of sodium.

Btw don't listen to Aaron... Chinko means penis in Japanese lol

its extremely healthy and tasty at the same time

yes, ramen tends to be high in fat and carbohydrates.

there are also vegitable sush rolls that are similarly very healthy, and are vegitarian.

Chinko. A traditional dish not often advertised in menus. Just ask for it they'll know what it is. Just so you know it's a pickle.

steamed rice and vegetables, avoid shrimp and seafood

yeah noodles or broccoli with white rice

egg is for any place

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