What's a tasty animal-free alternative to skim milk?!

Question: What's a tasty animal-free alternative to skim milk?
My daughter and I are slowly gravitating to a plant-based diet. (I saw the term 'flexitarian', which I guess is what we are!)

Anyway, what low-fat brand and product do you recommend to substitute cow's milk? (We tried a low fat vanilla soy which was okay - not delicious, but not all that bad.)


Almond milk is a little thicker than soy milk, you might want to try that? You might also want to try hemp milk, but I'm not sure you'll like the taste (it is very healthy though).

Plant-based "milks" are great! Cholesterol-free, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, allergen free. Excellent choice to minimize or even eliminate dairy from your diets.

There are lots of alternatives to real milk: soy, almond, rice, hemp. But they don't taste like real milk. If you get the flavored ones, be sure to check the calories and sugar amounts. Regular soy milk has about the same amount of fat as 2% real milk. And be sure to check the calcium. Plant milks don't normally contain much calcium. Some brands add manufactured calcium, though. You'll just have to read labels.

vanillla soy is horrible IMO, try skim soy milk, or almond milk ( low cal) or rice milk.

Soymilk may have the fat, but it doesn't have the calories of milk- a normal NON skim soymilk is about the same cals as skim cow milk, AND it doesn't have that acidy after taste which goes sour in your mouth.

The brand called "So Good" is great, I'm not even vegan but I love the stuff. The chocolate variety is great with breakfast too, 50% of your daily vitamin b12, 45% daily vitamin D and 30% daily calcium.

The carton in my fridge

I reccomend coconut milk, although it is not low fat, it is very tasty! Fat is not to be feared, and coconut milk contains fats that are very beneficial to the body.

Vanilla Almond milk is my personal favorite. It tastes great to drink on its own and is also delicious on cereal.

I always drank skim milk, and I've found that I like almond milk much better than rice or soy.

milk is milk

OMG...there's a problem....skimmed milk being tasty.........that's an oxymoron

Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk,coconut milk, etc,

Cow is not healthy for your health. Many, many people don't like the taste of milk. So they buy strawberry or chocolate milk to mask the original flavor. People who say milk is tasty are basing it on their own opinion. Plus, in the island of U.S. Americans honestly think most people globally drink milk when they don't. Milk consumption is not common globally, especially in adults. Only is it mainly in the Western world.

Milk has not been proven to build bones or prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis and bone fractures are common only in dairy eating countries like Sweden, Norway, U.K, and the U.S.

The optimal intake of calcium is not clear, nor is the optimal source or sources of calcium. the National Academy of Sciences currently recommends that people ages 19 to 50 consume 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day, and that those age 50 or over get 1,200 milligrams per day. Reaching 1,200 milligrams per day would usually require drinking two to three glasses of milk per day—or taking calcium supplements—over and above an overall healthy diet. Plus, these recommendations are based on very short-term studies, and are likely to be higher than what people really need.
In countries such as India, Japan, and Peru where average daily calcium intake is as low as 300 milligrams per day (less than a third of the U.S. recommendation for adults, ages 19 to 50), the incidence of bone fractures is quite low. Yet in countries where dairy is high/common, the rate of osteoporosis highest.
The role of calcium in preventing and treating osteoporosis is unclear — some populations with extremely low calcium intake also have extremely low rates of bone fracture, and others with high rates of calcium intake through milk and milk products have higher rates of bone fractur
The calcium in milk is not very bioavailable in the human body and only has a 20-30% absorption. Because of unresolved concerns about the risk of ovarian and prostate cancer, it may be prudent to avoid higher intakes of dairy products.
Drinking cow's milk will result in more calcium being lost than gained. Many are not aware of this and rely on milk for their calcium. Bones are better served by getting calcium from fruit and vegetable, exercising regularly, getting adequate vitamin D, and getting Calcium from plant sources, Several studies have shown that a high intake of vitamin D reduces fractures in the elderly. Vitamin D deficiency is why causes calcium and phosphorous excretion.

Other factors, such as protein, salt and vitamin D intake, exercise and exposure to sunlight, can all influence bone mineralization, making calcium intake one factor among many in the development of osteoporosis.

If that sounds shocking to you, it's because very few educated people are willing to tell the truth about dairy. If Americans research and explore what happens outside the island of the U.S, the would know that. oblivious

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