Vegetarianism = non existent sex drive?!

Question: Vegetarianism = non existent sex drive?
Just read that online. And that would explain why my sex drive completely disappeared. Any way to combat that?!? Besides eating meat again??


Just like to point out that chocolate (and most other man made sugary food stuffs) are NOT aphrodisiacs) One of the most efficient foods to boost sex drive are fresh Strawberries.

I don't think your vegetarian diet is effecting your sex drive, and if it is diet related then it will be down to a poor, unbalanced diet (I don't know what your current diet is, so no offence is intended). Be sure to eat plenty of vegetarian protein (such as tofu and Quorn) as well as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

There are NO health benefits to eating meat, only that protein is easier to come by. A well balanced vegetarian diet is a lot healthier than a balanced diet that includes meat.

Vegetarian, with M.E. so diet is very important to me.

LOL whoever wrote that is an idiot, are you kidding me? Vegetarians and Vegans especially are notoriously known for having a really high sex drive, if you're having libido problems then its from something else, I'd suggest exercising more, eating healthier (depending on your diet, if you dont normally eat healthy that is), and eating aphrodisiacs like chocolate, vanilla, avocados, weird I know, and also try to eliminate as much stress as possible from your life.

In general, eating less saturated fat (a common effect of eating more plants) is improved circulation, which is better for libido and function. Weird. Are you taking medications? Stressed? Smoking? Drinking more? Sleeping less? Slacking off at the gym? Not eating enough, period?

No. High sex drive means that your body crave sex and your desire for that person is high an your in love. Trust me eating food has nothing to do with it. I recommends avacados and cherry... also feel your sexiness

Yeah, quit believing everything you read. Why would vegetarians (that have better overall health) have less of a sexual drive? Healthier people have healthier sex.

Maybe you have less energy? Make sure to eat lots of non-animal protein, such as nuts, eggs, beans and legumes, and low-fat dairy.

Meet attractive people.

No. That's just you. Never heard that before.

Couldn't be farther from the truth. That's all I'm going to say.

well I have heard that vegetarians are bad lovers....why?

cause they don't eat meat...(GET IT?)

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