Is Wonder Smart White bread vegan?!

Question: Is Wonder Smart White bread vegan?
I heard regular wonder bread is but I wasn't sure if the Smart White recipe was.


You need to read the label... on every thing you purchase. Don't just look for dairy either.. look at the chemicals, and processed stuff they add. Just because you avoid animal products doesn't mean what you are eating is healthy.

Also, keep in mind that our wonderful government allows, legally, about 1500 chemicals to be in processed foods that do not have to be listed on the label. Scary? Yes.

Your best bet would be to buy as much food raw and natural as you can and prepare it yourself, and those you do need to buy "ready made" do your homework.

White bread isn't bread. It's not even food. The germ and bran from the wheat have been removed & the manufacturer use bleach to give it that white appearance,

Vegans can't eat eggs or drink milk. Most likely that bread is made of at least eggs or milk. Unless it is specifically made of soy milk with no eggs... which isn't really that popular...

Even if it was vegan, why would you want to eat it?

Wonder may think it's "smart", but people who understand nutrition don't agree.

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