Any yummy creative full of fun cupcake flavors/ideas? :)?!

Question: Any yummy creative full of fun cupcake flavors/ideas? :)?
For example: capiciano cupcake with hot chocolate frosting with a coffee truffle on top


Moon cupcakes with pineapple frosting. I have to admit I
ve used this website ( chockylit) they ahve the most amazing cupcakes on earth…

Donut and coffee cupcakes

Aduki bean paste filled chocolate cupcakes

Here's a list of the cupcakes, they have a facebook too.…

You must like coffee tasting desserts. Have you ever had just a cappuccino or latte without sugar? That would be a lot healthier and give you an equally fun caffeine rush. Actually, without the dairy it would be even better bc it counteracts the stimulants; dairy makes you sleepy.

If you really want a cupcake, here's some healthy recipes for you to try:…

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