are insects vegetarian or vegan?!

Question: Are insects vegetarian or vegan?
i mean as in baking them into foods like chocolate chip cookies. or if it was a vegan cookie and you out bugs like crickets into it then would it still be vegan? my mom and i were talking about chocolate cricket cookies and i was wondering if they would be vegetarian to eat. or vegan (with vegan chocolate).


As I understand it, since insects aren't plants or fungi, they count as animals and wouldn't be vegan or vegetarian. (Vegans won't even eat honey, which is MADE by insects.)

Eating insects isn't vegetarian, and it certainly isn't vegan.

Most vegans would say no. They would say a vegan cannot eat insects. But I guess they think its ok when each year Trillions of insects are killed by pesticides to farm produce that these same vegans eat.

Eating insects is not vegetarian.

They're creatures. YOu could argue the nerve endings of them, but they react badly when you hurt them, so don't eat them. That's not vegetarian or vegan.

nope and nope. insects are living creatures.

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