Another quick question for vegetarians and vegans?!

Question: Another quick question for vegetarians and vegans?
I know you guys don't eat meat, but do you (personally, I mean) take it further than that? Like not wearing fur or only eating organic stuff?

Not meaning to offend, I'm just being a curious meat eater.


Thanks for your honest and mature questions, its refreshing that someone comes here seeking knowledge and not conflict.

I personally am a vegetarian and I do not wear fur, leather, I only eat eggs from my own pet chickens, I don't drink milk but I still consume milk products like yogurt, I don't eat gelatin and I try to avoid palm oil due to the impact the palm oil industry has on orangutans. I also don't take antibiotics, except for I volunteer to test out vaccines and vitamins through a local drug store, and I try to buy all of my veggies and fruits as locally as possible.


vegan no meat or dairy the are two kind the kind with a philosophy no fur for wearing
the eater that do not eat any but only by name and not by philosophy

and vegetarian = that is me
no meat but some dairy personally only eggs and most of the time only the equivalent of 2 per week although it might be a month between time and 3 in one day.
but most vegetarians eat dairy of one kind or the other. or all without the meat.

I'm vegetarian. I don't drink milk either but that's due to an allergy. I won't wear fur but that's because I think it's tacky and sort of creepy. I felt that way before I was vegetarian though, and I think even a lot of people who eat meat feel that way. I personally have always hated leather, I think it smells bad but so many things are made from it that it can be hard to avoid. I just bought a used car, it was a great deal and I needed a car ASAP, unfortunately, it has leather seats, but for the price I decided to just buy it. Plus, it's used. If I were buying a new car, I would not want that option as I would feel as though I was directly contributing to the use of leather goods. On that same train of thought, if I needed to wear leather for a Halloween costume or something, I would never buy new, I'd try to find something used. And if I ever go vegan and want to get rid of my leather stuff, I'd give it away or use it until it's no good anymore. There's no sense in being wasteful.
As for organic stuff, that doesn't really pertain to vegetarians only. Organic foods should really be more commonplace than they are because they are better for you. You can get organic meats too, don't forget. Any food that is lacking potentially dangerous chemicals is better for you than something grow with a layer of pesticide. With that being said, I do eat organic when I can, but I'm a student and sometimes it's just not cost effective for me.

Fur kind of creeps me out, so I don't wear it. I do own some leather (shoes and wallet), but I really hate the smell of it, so I wouldn't wear leather clothing.

As for organic, I buy it when I can, partly because I'm too lazy to thoroughly wash everything, and partly because I think it's better for the Earth and like to support that.

I'm not offended; they're perfectly fine questions. :-)

It depends on what the persons beliefs are.

If you are a vegetarian/vegan for health reasons then no. If you are doing it for moral reasons then you shouldn't as it's violating your morals. However that being said, it's very hard to find a good leather substitute so as a vegetarian I wear leather.

Eating organic doesn't really have anything to vegetarianism/veganism though.

Vegans don't wear any animal products or use products with animal ingredients and that have been tested on animals. Ethical vegetarians usually don't either.
You don't have to eat only organic foods. Organic has nothing to do with veganism/vegetarianism.

vegan :D

lmao @ guest!

It totally depends on the individual. Like some vegetarians (though not vegans) wear fur and some vegetarians and vegans eat organic, or partly organic diets. If you want to know about me personally, I don't wear fur (nor wool, suede, etc.) and I eat some organic some non-organic food.

The definition I've always gone by is that Vegetarianism is a diet, but Veganism is a lifestyle, ie vegans are defined as not wearing leather, wool etc, but vegetarians just don't eat dead animals. However, its down to personal choice.

I don't find that offensive, your curious. A lot of people have curious minds:). Well vegeterians can wear fur if they want but vegans usually don't because its made from an innocent animal. And I eat organic stuff because well its actually good but I also eat other stuff just as long as it doesn't have meat or eggs. Hope I helped :)

I don't wear fur or leather. I don't really eat only organic stuff, I mean, I do sometimes, but not all organic. I also don't eat animal by products, although I do on accident sometimes. Stupid sneaky by products. >:p

well i'm vegan now so no but even when i was a vegetarian i didn't wear leather or fur. i try to eat organic when i can

this isn't offensive at all :)

Don't worry, it's not offensive.
I'm don't eat organic food. I don't wear fur or leather though, since that came from an animal.


I dont wear fur or leather and always buy toiletries that have not been tested on animals.

My best friend is vegan with a hat made of animal fur. Does that make her a hypocrite? I don't know.

I buy organic when possible, and no, I don't wear fur or leather. =)

thats offensive

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