Can Vegans eat penutbutter?!

Question: Can Vegans eat penutbutter?
Me and my friend are going Vegan for a month in May. I was wondering if vegans can eat penut butter? And if theres anything I should know I would love for you guys to share even if its against my idea thanks!


Take it easy. Plan ahead what you will eat that month so you wont run into hurries.
Use lots of fruits, they are healthy and taste great and can save you in those difficult moments.
I'm vegan and I don't like meat's taste, but in the begining you can use those fake meat-like products sold in the supermarket, that way you can cook the same food you do now. If you later decide to go on with veggies then learn to cook real veggie food and then stop using thos products (they taste awful once you forget meat's taste)
Research for local vegetarian restaurants. In my area there are some really great ones, some are really top level restaurants even better than the ones that cook meat.
BTW. Veggie cooking is very different than meat-based. You can't cook beef with chocolate, or cherries with eggs. But in the 'veggie world' that limitation doesn't exist. As a result, veggie cooking produces really exciting results. So, if you decide to continue, research for recipes, attend to cooking classes and so'll find 'real' veggie food is wonderful!! and you won't miss or remember meat anymore.
Friends are really important, I hope your's support you in this step but you can also try to meet new friends that are vegetarian. There are usually local vegetarian associations everywhere that you can go to for help
Good luck


Yes unless it contains added ingredients, do check the label. If you want to try something different, try cashew butter if you have a health shop handy...its utterly delicious and loaded with lots of healthy nutrients. Good luck going vegan for a month, I did a 30 day vegan challenge and haven't looked back to animal produce since.

Yes, vegans eat peanut butter. The all natural kind is best, but you need to stir it up to incorporate the oil back into the butter.

Here is some information that may be helpful. Eating vegan is healthy, but only if done correctly. You have to pay more attention to what you eat and what nutrients you are getting. Do plenty of research before making the commitment.

Peanuts are not animal, so yes. But... read the label. Some peanut butter producers will add products, while others will keep the product whole. Commercial brands will also tend to add high fructose corn syrup... while the product is still vegan, that sugar is absolutely the most unhealthy form of sugar out there. Read, read, read... then decide which to buy.

Read the label on the jar. As long as there are no animal ingredients you can. The company "I Love Peanut Butter" makes different flavors and most of them are vegan.

Yes. It has no blood, hormones or any type of animal related substances in it. Just make sure you read the contents on the back of it. Make sure it does not have milk in it.

read lable

i dont see why not

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