Why do some people say they're vegetarian when they are not?!

Question: Why do some people say they're vegetarian when they are not?
I have a few friends who say they're vegetarians but they eat meat still, One of my friends said "vegetarians can eat meat, they choose if they want to or not" That friend eats chicken a lot and calls herself vegetarian... are they just saying this to not sound like a bad person or something? I don't get it..


They want to feel better than others. The are in denial about what vegetarian means. There's no excuse for an intelligent human being not to know what the term means. Carry a pocket dictionary and ask them to read you the definition of vegetarian. Then you'll just hear more excuse.

A lot of people want to be vegetarian now because its become a fad, but want to do it without really having to give things up...
If you eat chicken, you are NOT a vegetarian... if you eat fish, you are NOT a vegetarian... etc
Vegetarians do not eat anything that causes and animal to die... including not only the meat, but broths made from the animal and fats as well.
There is no exception to the term vegetarian, but people try as hard as they can to apply it to themselves by saying O I only eat meat once a week or I only eat seafood... well that means youre an omnivore, sorry.

The same thing goes for vegan... if you eat milk, eggs, cheese, honey, gelatin, etc, (no matter how little) you are not a vegan.

threeninjagirls is exactly right - its become more 'flexitarian' now with how everyone distorts it

vegan (for real lol)

If you can find the "rule" that specifies a "starting line and a finish line" as to when and how a someone can be counted as being a "vegetarian" then you can argue about it.. But since there is none. any one can say they are "vegetarian" during the days that they don't eat meat and not on the days that they don't.. when someone says "I am vegetarian" in this forum, usually it's someone who is so anal and obsessed with obeying/following the "rules" that don't really exist..

"vegetarian" is s descriptive word not a set of laws that must be followed to the letter or else. They are not doing anything to you, leave them alone. If you think they are being "ignorant" abut it, then so be it. It's their life to live, not yours to control.

Just like pole who says they are basketball players even if that means nothing more than a pick up game or two once a month..

That is a shame. Your friends aren't vegatarian !
I am an omnivore and not that proud, but it's okay.
Just because I'm not proud to be eating another organism, doesn't mean I'm going to call myself a VEGATARIAN ! That's not right .

Actually, I think I'll try to be vegetarian or vegan again.


What the heck? That's not a vegetarian, that's an omnivore. That's like eating a hamburger once a week and calling yourself vegetarian the rest of the time. I can understand people who omit all meat but fish and call themselves vegetarian, but that's ridiculous.

That is a pet peeve of mine. I think some people just say it because they think people will thing they're cool or something. Like "I'm a vegetarian but I eat chicken"..That isn't a vegetarian! lol. I guess it's sort of an attention thing.

you should say you are a humanitarian, or a space alien, say anything! If someone says they are a vegetarian and they eat chicken they are not smart; or they're just teasing you.

They are hopeful, wannabe, lightweights, ignorant, hypocritical, silly or just dumb.
You choose.

Because the term vegetarian is used waaayy too broadly. Vegeterians don't eat red meat, poultry or seafood. Full stop. Your mates sound more like 'flexitarians'.

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