If 5% of the people on earth are vegetarian, then why?!

Question: If 5% of the people on earth are vegetarian, then why?
do the ones who see nothing wrong with aggressive, violent killing feel threatened enough to come to a VV section and chant their stuff? Like, seriously, isn't that a control thing? The rogue 5% must really piss them off. Why is this necessary to do?

I'd rather eat chalk than go march on a Aberdeen Steak House meeting. It would be so utterly ineffectual and only make my case look bad?

Not everyone has the luxury of a fully stocked pantry. Beans are very cheap and nutritious. They can last years in storage. The perfect idea for those who may be fiscally compromised.
If we're arguing about native or hunter tribes in the outback-lets leave that to another appropriate time, and take it to the anthropology section.


Maybe you are not one, but I have met a fair share of militant vegetarians out there that go out of there way to talk about what you should do and what you shouldn't. I don't eat much meat, and have been taken for a vegetarian quite a number of times (is there a lettuce leave tattoed in my fore head?). But I do eat it and I am very conscious of the conditions of industrial farming, and therefore I don't get meat from those sources. However, this does not seem to be enough for some preachy vegetarians who thinks that "meat eaters should be required to kill their own animals". I told a vegetarian of this mindset that my grandparents did in fact used to slaughter their own animals on their farm a long time ago - but then it was on to the next subject for this person to lecture about.
I also had a bf that was vegan, and every time I put lip gloss on he said "whale fat" in a whiny disapproving way that made him sound 4 year old. This lip gloss was from origins, and I read the list of ingredients and couldn't find any animal products - but he KEPT saying it. It is almost like he was programmed to do this.

So if you are curious about meat eaters stubborn behavior, why don't you pretend to be one for a month or two, so you can see first hand how stubborn vegetarians can be. It is far from all I say, but there are quite a few stubborn ones out there.

5% of the people on earth are not vegetarian because they want to be vegetarian. The vast majority of them don't have the option of getting the complete, nutritious protein from meat that's available in the developed world. There is not a single vegetarian country in the world. There never has been a vegetarian society in history. Veg*ns like to claim India is mostly vegetarian. It's not. While the majority of Hindus in India may not eat beef, they do eat other meats.


Peoples opinions differ. Just because you don't agree with someones opinion doesn't make them wrong. Yahoo answers is for anyone (within community guidelines) to ask an answer questions about said subject, pro and con. Not a vegan/vegetarian pat each other on the back fun zone.

Pantry? Many people don't have a pantry. Let alone money for beans.

Your rant makes you sound like a naive little ignorant girl that hasn't seen or been out in the real world.

Whats wrong friendofchip, cat got your tongue?

Simple. I don't want you and your kind, that other radical 1% of that 5% to delude people into making life changing choices because you said so. I prefer people get their ideas from both sides and then make their own decisions. That's the purpose of this "forum" as Yahoo wants it. People ask questions to get facts/information not some "emperor has new clothes" type toe the propaganda line thinking.
You personally and deliberately have spread so many lies and half truths and totally misleading information just for the sake of converting someone into becoming a vegan (and part of your mythical 5%) or stopping someone from go back to meat eating.

You have insulted Americans, omnivores and just about anyone who does not think the way you do. You have reported questions and answers that "threaten" your propaganda, harassed posters who have questioned your "facts" and used your 8+ accounts to thumb yourself up to give the appearance of approval and legitimacy and to vote yourself "best answer" to get the much desired (but totally and practically worthless ) TC badge.
Who is really trying to be controlling? The 95% who eats meat or the 5% of "activists" who want the rest of the world to think act and feel as they do? there is a phrase for that: stove, kettle, black".

By the way, by asking this question which has nothing to do with food ad drink makes you an off topic troll. Asking it in the V&V section where most of the posters would just clap and cheer you on, instead of in the section where the 95% hang out,, is indicative that you don't really want honest answers, you are just ranting (as usual) about your righteous lifestyle in a section where you feel "safe".

funny, only 5 answers before me and yet the usual "suspects" get 7 "thumbs down" each. Just about the same number of accounts you have... You even have one pretending to answer your own question.. Tsk tsk..

I will agree with Exfst on the points he/.she brings up & in the case of you (questioner) you do often quote propoganda/appeal to emotions instead of logical thinking when answering other questions.
Exsft is spot on this is a forum & opposing ideas are healthy for debate rather than a 100% vegetarian section where we all agree with each others lifestyles.
I just wish the likes of DeerHunter would bring something new to the table or at least debate my points i raise to make me rethink my logic if it is flawed (obv i cannot see the flaw) rather than quote the usual ''death for a diet/my choice (disregarding ethics)


It all has to do with people asserting themselves and having a fascist opinion about the world we live in. Damn us if we try to change them or even state that we are vegetarians because its merely "vegan or vegetarian propaganda", but its completely fine for them to come here and insult us, spread their own propaganda (usually referred to as scientific fact and usually conducted by the industries that profit from animal exploitation) and generally be jerks. I laugh when they call US brainwashed. The irony of that statement is almost crippling.

Wow exsft... "our kind?" You are a freaking lunatic. We are all human kind, you just like to put up discriminatory barriers based on things you don't know or don't like.


I think the two (or three, before the guy with the chicken eating avatar went away) trolls always come here just so they can cause controversy. Maybe their lives aren't too exciting in the real world. I think it's fine if a meat-eater comes here to learn about veg*nism, but not if they are going to push their own ideas and/or insult us, just like I'm sure they wouldn't want us doing to them. I agree with you on the last part, vegetables are not a luxury. It's the other way around. But this section is one that appeals to trolls, just like the Religion and LGBT sections.

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